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Ines is looking for a house. Can you help?

In search of a house in city Tiel, with the following wants:

  • Max. €285.000 + additional costs
  • A minimum of 3 bedrooms (preferrably 4)
  • Bathroom on first floor
  • Garden

Whoever has the best lead to my new home gets a dinner at a star restaurant!

About Ines

I am a 32-year-old mother of three, with a powerful work mentality and ten years of self-employment under my belt. I work in the eCommerce industry as a tech engineer and in my spare time you can usually find me in the garden (either behind a grill or with my hands in the dirt) or on a longboard.

My current residence is currently for sale and is expected to sell very soon. With the equity this brings me, I will only need a relatively small mortgage. That means financing the purchase of a new home will go fast and smooth! My reason for moving is that I’m getting divorced, with three kids under 10 in tow; that’s why I prefer a house that can be transferred sooner, rather than later.

The person providing the best lead to a new house, I will organise a star restaurant dinner. Can you help me, please?

No house to share? This is how you can help.

Please share the following on Twitter:

Do you know of a house for sale in the #Tiel area in The Netherlands? @motherofcode is looking for a house for herself and her three kids! The best lead will be rewarded with a dinner at a star restaurant. Click:

Win a dinner at a star restaurant! Ines is looking for a new home in #Tiel, The Netherlands. The person with the best lead wins an amazing night out. Will you share this as well?

Amazon wishlist

Want to give a housewarming gift? That’s so sweet! Here are the things I am losing in the divorce, and could really use.

Donate a moving box 😉

Want to give me an extra boost? Donate a moving box (or a cup of coffee, because moving causes sleepless nights).

Do you know of a house in Tiel, The Netherlands?

The best lead will be rewarded with a dinner at a star restaurant!
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